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Blech. School's back on and it is a sad occasion indeed. Second semester of my senior year, all my college apps are in... Oh, man, is it hard to care about classes. I'd much prefer to drink potfuls of coffee while I polish off the library's Margaret Atwood collection or finish that [ profile] rounds_of_kink SPN fic I've been doodling. Or continue the Battlestar Galactica marathon my friend and I had over break, during which he and I mainlined the first season. Oh, it was awesome.

But! On the upside, most of my classes are the same, so I know what to expect workload-wise. The only new classes are Psych II and Christian Lifestyles (which is mandatory, believe me). Christian Lifestyles is just... Okay, here's the thing. I may be an apostate from my childhood Catholicism, but I've gone to Catholic school all my life, so it's not as if I'm unused to hearing religious doctrine I disagree with. But Christian Lifestyles is taught by this racist, sexist, homophobic, superior jerk who thinks his Dr. James Dobson videos dole out heavy helpings of wisdom instead of, you know, what they really dole out, which is bigotry. I'm getting the distinct impression that this teacher and I will not get along.

Ah well. My resolution for this semester is to try to enjoy my last few months at school with my friends and not let the stress get to me. After all, most of my friends are scattering for college (Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, with mine being the farthest in either California or the East Coast), and I love them all to absolute pieces, so I want to hang out with them as much as possible. So here's to a new semester, my last semester!


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