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1) Participation banner! Wee!

2) Is Catholic school anything other than an exercise in self-ordained masochism? *is pondering* Because my fellows and I seem to find strange satisfaction in the pain we've managed to inflict upon ourselves with this year's schedule, among many other examples. Usually we say this as a joke, but I've begun to wonder. Maybe we DO have something to thank those nuns for:  a much more interesting future sex life.

3) Eep!  I've an article due for the local paper tomorrow about a man I was only able to interview tonight! Must get moving on that. Interesting man, though:  the state's Poet Laureate. An odd guest for a smaller, more rural school like mine, but a nice treat, to be sure. I'm this close to eschewing studying for my tests and reading his latest book, but if I'm to read anything, it should be my assignment in A Tale of Two Cities. Oh, Chuck, you tease me so.


Nov. 18th, 2008 05:07 pm
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Way too much to get done this week! A few late nights will be necessary--although they wouldn't be if my AP English teacher weren't crazy, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. My AP Calc and Psych tests tomorrow, however, are what probably should be worrying me. Along with this AP Bio take-home-test monstrosity.

I can has senioritis now pleez?
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New Show tonight! I've reached the point this year--the year with the workload from hell--where any bit of Show is nice. I don't even care if it's a good episode; that hour where I can sit back and watch my show and ignore papers/tests/Calculus/college applications is a sweet one indeed. Also, is this a Castiel episode? Seems like this should be a Castiel episode. *sighs* He's dreamy.


Of course, before we get to new Show, I'd really like to get through the bulk of my independent research paper--Women in the Frontier West. That's really I what I should be doing right now, but:  crackimpala. So. You know.


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