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Home from Europe! My mother, my French teacher, and a group of six students (including me) just returned from our eleven-day educational tour (EF Tours, great program, check it out) through England, France, and Italy. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was.

And so... Coming soon to a DW near you:  Pictures in (hopefully) four installments--

London, England

Paris, France

Italy, Part One (Florence, Assisi, and Rome)
Italy, Part Two (Pompei, Sorrento, and Capri)

And a quick preview:

London )
Paris )

Italy )
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Okay, so my mother and I are getting ready for our weeklong Yale-and-Stanford Admit days airplane wackadoo adventure, and we decided that, as our flight switches are hectic anyway, we're not checking bags, just using carry-ons. And I'm all for keeping the planes safe, of course, but okay. Finding things in quantities of three fluid ounces should not be so difficult. Contact solution is impossible to find in three ounces. IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you.

Also, their pointy object rules are bizarre. Like, we couldn't get a definitive answer on if tweezers or those little cosmetic scissors were okay. I mean, objectively I know that we're not of main concern to airport security--I'm a tiny, blue-eyed, blonde Midwestern girl; the DoD does not view me as a threat, generally speaking--but still.

And navigating a sleeping bag (which I'll need in the dorms unless I'm the asshole who demands the couch) is cumbersome, because it fits in neither of our bags, which are stuffed with clothes to compensate for Connecticut and California weather. So we're going to attempt to carry it and hope security is cool.

But I'm excited! Stanford! And Yale! As strenuous as this decision will be (and has been; my best friend was commenting the other day on how stressed I've been, as I'm usually cucumber-esque), my mind is still blown that I even HAVE it. It's an incredible gift. And to have parents who support me in my decision to go so far away, who learned about the college process with me (because they didn't go to college, outside of my mother's nursing degree), who have always been there to keep my brother and me grounded and feeling loved--that's an even greater gift that I'll never stop be thankful for.

Anyway. I'm stocked up with books and homework and pencils (for spontaneous fic writing, of course) for more than a few continental flights, as well as some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made the other night (easy on the cookie, heavy on the chocolate chips). We fly tomorrow morning and get back on Saturday!
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Of course--OF COURSE--just as I was beginning to come to some semblance of a college decision, I hear back from Columbia and Yale. And I, uh, got in. To Columbia and Yale. Which I will be periodically re-checking all night, because seriously? Seriously? 

I just... *flails* I mean, I've been thinking about this stuff nonstop for, like, five months, and I am still COMPLETELY unprepared to deal with ANY of this. I have no idea how this happened to me, and I have absolutely no idea what to do now that it has. *collapses*

Whew! Okay. I have Calculus and Bio to do. I'm just gonna go... focus on that.
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1) Wee! Participation banner!

2) Lord, this month is ridiculously busy! I've had meets every weekend, general school craziness, AND planning a trip to California for Stanford's Admit Weekend (my first time seeing the campus)--which feels insane in and of itself.  My mom and I were looking at flights the other day and we both had to stop for a moment and be like, "We're scheduling a flight to San Jose right now. DUDE." 

College-related ramblings, in which lastnightblues has very little clue what to do. )

3) Anyway. Reaper fic!

Title: Going Once, Going Twice
Fandom: Reaper
Pairing: Sam/The Devil
Rating: NC-17

Summary: “He’s pretty sure that all he did was accept a drink from some woman at the bar before the world went all turvy-topsy and he ended up dressed in this skirt-toga-thing and sitting in what would graciously be called a velvet-lined cage.”
Notes/Warnings: Written for round ten of [info]rounds_of_kink, with the prompts of aphrodisiacs and slave auction. I was late getting it written (thanks, Calculus gods) but it was so much fun.


Any second now, Sam's going to get up. Any second now, he's going to get up, he's going to find something to cover his business, and he's going to punch that auctioneer-guy-demon...thing in the mouth. )
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Title:  Four Times the Winchesters Talked Dirty (and One Time They Didn’t)
Fandom:  Supernatural
Pairing:  Sam/Dean
Rating:  NC-17, for absolutely filthy language.

Summary:  “It’s stupid, and it always escalates.” A progression of sorts—here there be naughty words!
Notes:  'Nother story from rounds_of_kink
, with the prompt of dirty talk, which isn't something I've tried before, so this was a ton of fun. No spoilers, no angst, no holds barred. Also, quick sidenote:  if anyone reading this would have the urge to work intermittedly as a beta (mostly for SPN fic), I have virtual cookies! And cheesecake! 

Read more... )
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So earlier this month I posted about how I wanted to write an article for my school paper about pro-life/pro-choice ideology and about how I was worried about the potential backlash (and thanks to everyone for supportive comments!). Well, I'm happy to report that the feedback has been pretty positive--teachers have complimented me on it (even a religion teacher!) and my classmates and friends were totally chill about it (one of the diehard pro-life friends even liked it). So it's been about two weeks and nothing's happened, so I think I got lulled into a false sense of security, which is why what happened today pissed me off as much as it did.

The Campus Ministry director at school--the head of the religion department, basically--sent a rather inflammatory e-mail to my journalism club advisor, outlining point-by-point her problems with it and setting up a meeting after school on Friday to discuss them, with the aim of printing a correction or retraction in our next issue. Which would be fine, because I've no problem if she honestly disagree; but her e-mail doesn't argue my article--she's arguing with some straw[ profile] lastnightblues . And I think she kind of proves my point for me. Anyway, I'm posting the article beneath the cut, with her valid criticisms.


How a Pro-Life Movement Can Work With a Pro-Choice President )
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Apparently the best remedy for the February blahs? New fandoms! I should've discovered this years ago.

Merlin-- I want to shower this show with puppies and rainbows and kittens. It's adorable and fun and British and I haven't quite seen all of it yet, but love!  Any recs for fics, preferably of the Arthur/Merlin persuasion? 

Psych-- Recently bought the DVDs for this one, and I am very happy with that particular investment; I've been watching it for years and found it for cheap at B&N the other day. It's ridiculous and funny, and I can really use that in the dregs of second semester--instant mood lifter!

I also just discovered Psychfic (I don't know why I keep being surprised when I stumble upon these things, but I always am. They make West Wing fic? Did everyone else know that Dr. Horrible slash existed? *o_o* I've been in fandom for years, people, I should see this stuff coming!), and I signed up to write a Shawn/Lassiter fic for round ten of [ profile] rounds_of_kink . I also signed up for SPN and Reaper fics, so I'll be busy! I've been looking for a way to stay awake during seventh period (a subconscious defense mechanism, I'm thinking, to save me from death o' boredom or from strangling my asshole-y teacher), and devising new smut plots may be just the ticket.

I need to catch up on the rest of Merlin, though, because, my god, that show is begging to be written for. And I got the strange urge to write Clois of all things the other day, so I may look into that. Hmm...
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Because we're finally getting some warm weather 'round these parts, and that's as good an occasion as any for some porn.

"Turns the Road Into Water, Then From Water to Sky." 
Summary:  "He would never admit to this, how he always reaches for you when he wakes up; you would never admit to loving it."  Lazy, sunny, motel sex.

NC-17, Sam/Dean. About 1,200 words. No spoilers; stick it anywhere you want. That's what she said.  Title from "Shy" by Ani Difranco.



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I'm having worries. So I go to Catholic school, and outside abstaining from uber-Catholic activities and not lying about my own beliefs when asked directly, I haven't rocked the boat much in these past three and a half years.

But. But now I'm a senior, and I'm president (former chief editor) of the school newspaper, and I already got into Stanford with a pretty generous financial aid package (ie., I'm not worried about getting scholarships from my high school). So I have this ability to speak, and I want to speak now. One of the biggest--and most administration-approved--movements at school is the Crusaders for Life, the pro-life group. If you're wondering what the pro-choice group is, believe me:  there's no option for one. The majority of my best friends are in this group and have even gone on the March for Life held every January in D.C.

I'm pro-choice. Strongly so. I don't get into it with my friends; we tacitly let that lie. But this opportunity has arisen for me to write an opinion article on the subject, and... I want to take it. So I wrote an op-ed entitled "A Culture of Life:  How a Pro-Life Movement Can Work With a Pro-Choice President." I wouldn't call it a pro-choice article; all I say in it is what I believe, which is that the pro-life movement going about stopping abortions the wrong way, and what I think the right directions would be.

I've prepared myself for the backlash:  from friends and mostly from faculty. I've prepared myself to lose respect from some people if it means that I can sleep at night knowing that I spoke when I felt I had to. But I'm still worried. Mostly because, even though I expect it, I hate to lose my teachers' respect--mainly, however, I'm worried that my journalism club advisor will face retribution. I don't want to jeopardize his job at all.

So. I don't know if I'm writing about this to garner opinions from my flist or just to set my mind at peace, but here it is. My plan at present is to send off the article and talk to highest administrator, whom I respect as a very fair man and who actually helped me get the newspaper started three years ago. Here goes nothing, y'all.
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Aw heck yeah.
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New Show tonight! I'm saving my reactions for later, because I'm just excited we're back. Also, here was my experience midway through the episode:

Uncle Dead!Ted:  "Augh, you smell that?"
Manpain!Dean:  "Every day."
My mother:  "Oh, bless his heart." 

My mother wins ALL of the adorable points. *nods*
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1) Participation banner! Wee!

2) Is Catholic school anything other than an exercise in self-ordained masochism? *is pondering* Because my fellows and I seem to find strange satisfaction in the pain we've managed to inflict upon ourselves with this year's schedule, among many other examples. Usually we say this as a joke, but I've begun to wonder. Maybe we DO have something to thank those nuns for:  a much more interesting future sex life.

3) Eep!  I've an article due for the local paper tomorrow about a man I was only able to interview tonight! Must get moving on that. Interesting man, though:  the state's Poet Laureate. An odd guest for a smaller, more rural school like mine, but a nice treat, to be sure. I'm this close to eschewing studying for my tests and reading his latest book, but if I'm to read anything, it should be my assignment in A Tale of Two Cities. Oh, Chuck, you tease me so.
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...and the second fic of the night:  "We Are in the Year's End." Also for [info]rounds_of_kink . The kink was claiming, and the second I heard that, I knew a Sam/Dean fic was on its way.

Summary:  "Think they're watching over us right now?"  Sam/Dean, NC-17. About 2,500 words.


Read Fic )
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Archiving in case of a hard drive crash. Originally posted in [ profile] rounds_of_kink . I love writing Smallville, especially early Clex--it's like a warm, slashy blanket.

"Unexpected Peril." The kink was accidental stimulation, which isn't my usual thing, but I had fun with this one. No spoilers, no real time setting. NC-17, Clex.

Summary:  "That's the thing about Smallville. It offers plenty of opportunities to cop a feel, and Clark's a good guy and all, but he's not a saint."

Follow cut to story... 


Clark tries not to let himself think about it most of the time, because he really shouldn’t enjoy it.  )


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Blech. School's back on and it is a sad occasion indeed. Second semester of my senior year, all my college apps are in... Oh, man, is it hard to care about classes. I'd much prefer to drink potfuls of coffee while I polish off the library's Margaret Atwood collection or finish that [ profile] rounds_of_kink SPN fic I've been doodling. Or continue the Battlestar Galactica marathon my friend and I had over break, during which he and I mainlined the first season. Oh, it was awesome.

But! On the upside, most of my classes are the same, so I know what to expect workload-wise. The only new classes are Psych II and Christian Lifestyles (which is mandatory, believe me). Christian Lifestyles is just... Okay, here's the thing. I may be an apostate from my childhood Catholicism, but I've gone to Catholic school all my life, so it's not as if I'm unused to hearing religious doctrine I disagree with. But Christian Lifestyles is taught by this racist, sexist, homophobic, superior jerk who thinks his Dr. James Dobson videos dole out heavy helpings of wisdom instead of, you know, what they really dole out, which is bigotry. I'm getting the distinct impression that this teacher and I will not get along.

Ah well. My resolution for this semester is to try to enjoy my last few months at school with my friends and not let the stress get to me. After all, most of my friends are scattering for college (Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, with mine being the farthest in either California or the East Coast), and I love them all to absolute pieces, so I want to hang out with them as much as possible. So here's to a new semester, my last semester!
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Finals are over, finals are over, finals are over, sing the praises to the whatever on high, finals are OVER! *hurls sparkles*

I'm gonna hibernate for a WEEK.
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Snow day, snow day, snow day! Ahhhh. It's probably not all that great, because now we have one less day of review for the Calculus-final-that-will-rape-me, Part 1 on Thursday--to be followed by the Calculus-final-that-will-rape-me, Part 2 next Tuesday--but whatever! Don't care! Now I have time to study Bio vocab, do my American Gov't project, and do a little independent Calc study. Preferably during a West Wing/Supernatural marathon. As well as catch up on some much needed sleep.

Slept past eight, took a nice long shower, made myself the customary chocolate-chip pancakes. Oh, my--if I end up at Stanford, this could one of my last snow days. \o/  I'll have to pass on all my knowledge to those who could use it:  turn your pajamas inside-out, do the snow dance at *precisely* ten p.m., put ice cubes in all the toilets, and place a spoon under your pillow. Works everytime *nods*. The fact that I live in a region of Missouri where we can get snow in May? So not the point. It's magic!
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Hoo, well. Early Action acceptance letter from Stanford came today. I... just kind of keep laughing disbelievingly every once in a while. I can't believe it actually happened--I mean, I applied to these schools, but I guess I still have this idea in my head that people who go to Stanford are other types of people. I'll probably wake up tomorrow morning and have to recheck; it'll be a few days before I really believe it.

But as for now... Hoo, mama! I'm gonna watch a little Buffy--my comfort food--and try to calm myself down so that I can sleep tonight.


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