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We're nearing the end, y'all! You know, no matter what happens during the season, no matter any problems I've had with Show, I always get ridiculously excited for the finale every year. Although I will point out that every year for four years has the finale fallen during finals week. Every year. But it's actually kind of nice to take a break and curl up with my Show. What did I do before Supernatural? Like, seriously? Well, okay, so the answer to that is probably Smallville, but I still feel like I'm much more inculcated in SPN fandom than any other before (and I was in Harry Potter fandom and the Buffyverse; those are like the mob, once you're in, you're in for life).

In other news:  OMG SAMNDEEEEAAN!!1! I just want to cuddle them and wrap them in blankets and maybe punch each of them just a little bit for acting like stupidheads and then give them cocoa. Oh, boys. You know, I love Show, and I know Show is probably very different from the Show I originally signed on to watch (wasn't there something to do with rock music and then they shot monsters in the face with rock salt and Dean was sarcastic and Sam looked like a puppy with a penchant for hoodies? Anyone?), but I'm invested enough in the characters and the story that I'll stick it out and probably enjoy the ride. Part of me understands the thematic payoff that would come with a tragic ending, hopefully with the boys on the same side; but another part of me really wouldn't mind seeing that idyllic final scene, both boys leaning on the hood of the Impala, saying nothing but mundanities because all the important things are already there, and then Dean will make a lame joke that he'll think is awesome and Sam will roll his eyes and they'll both get in the car and classic rock will play and then they'll drive off, possibly into to the sunset, to shoot some monsters in the face with rock salt. LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MY DELUSIONS. I quite enjoy them.


Okay, so, finals, in all actuality, are not as bad as they could've been. We had our (three-day) AP Calc final at the beginning of the month, and that's basically my hardest class. The AP Bio final is the only one giving me worries, because I'm not sure if I need to get an A on it or not, because my teacher is an asshole who doesn't find it necessary to grade all our fourth quarter material prior to the final, thus giving us no indication of our grades. She is not my favorite person right now. Of course, I can't say I'm her favorite person, for a number of reasons. Although I'm not quite sure what I did to make her dislike me the way she does; I don't know if she thinks I'm uppity or too liberal or something, because I don't know enough about biology to have been a know-it-all or anything in class, and it's not as if I go around talking about my political beliefs, especially in front of Dr. Allowing-Gay-Marriage-Is-a-Violation-of-My-Rights/Vegetarians-Are-Destroying-...Something,-and-Yes-I-Will-Grade-You-Differently-If-You-Disagree-Vocally,-You-Damn-Hippies. Okay, so usually she goes by a shorter name. Whatever.

Although, now that I think about it, it might have something to do with our reproductive health education discussions. But the exact exchange I'm thinking of actually occured during a plant biology lecture, so I have no idea how clitoruses (clitori? Any news on that?) came up, but it went down like this:

Girl in my class:  "I don't even know what that word means."
Bio teacher:  "I'm glad you don't know what that word means."
Me, kind of incredulously:  "Well, if boys can know what their penises are, I think girls should know what their clitorus is."
Bio teacher:  *slow eyebrow raise*
Me, thinking:  *"Why am I talking right now?"*

That... may have been a factor, in retrospect. Just let me last until Tuesday; I just have to last until Tuesday.


So colleges finally came down between Stanford and Yale, and despite initially getting onto Stanford's campus and deciding that I never wanted to leave the Bay Area, ever, I eventually went with Yale. I really liked the community feel of campus, the campus life, the undergrad focus--although Stanford won for beauty, hands down. It's an oasis. But it definitely had more of a... I don't know, fratty feel, almost? More like a summer camp than I wanted for four years. That was the roughest decision of my life, though, because I loved both schools. I'm definitely keeping Stanford and Cal Berkeley (especially if I stick with anthropology) in mind for grad school, though, because California was so gorgeous and wonderful. (Quick sidenote? The way I knew I was back in Missouri:  at the airport, the first printed t-shirt I saw said, "Waterboarding Is Not Torture." Ah, it's nice to be home.)

Did have a minor freakout yesterday, though, when I realized that I'd missed the due date for my ID photo to be sent in. It was one of those ridiculous moments where I was like, "Shit, can I still go there?" before I took a breath and relaxed. But I called the ID office this morning, and they were cool about it (the guy answering the phone was like, "Dude, seriously, just get it in by the end of the month, we're so behind on these."), which was nice.

Oh! And! So, I'd been planning on take the AP Language & Comp test tomorrow, but when I got my little freshman handbook yesterday, it said that SAT scores (like, 720 and up or something) would work to test into higher classes. Which is great, because I actually did well on those portions of the SAT (the Math not so much), and that would save me about seventy dollars. Anyway, I checked with the registrar's office today, and it's all good! Yay! I'll probably use those seventy dollars on something like the first season of Eureka, but hey! Tiny cable sci-fi shows = love. All around, it's been a good day.


Yesterday, I got to my first hour class and my friend Amber had left me an anonymous present on my desk:  a big, wrapped-up picture frame, full of a collage of pictures of us and of all our friends committing various shenanigans. Awwww! I tackle-hugged her in the hallway later.

I'm gonna weep like a tiny, hungry baby at graduation, y'all.

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Heh. Yalie. ;)


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