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1) School has been kicking my ass recently. But! A week from tomorrow we start finals--which last until the 23rd, unfortunately--and then we're done with first semester, and that sounds too amazing to be real. I'm thinking that, second semester, once all my college apps are in? Forget about it. Oh, I'll still do my homework and everything, but I'm done with the stress. I'll catch up on the all reading I've been putting off for four years. Maybe join a few fic challenges. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

As for right now, I've got a few more college apps to turn in and I have a college interview for Harvard on Saturday. That's why it's been so hard to focus on school this semester--I've got applications to turn in, why can I care about this homework nonsense? Realistically, I shouldn't worry about finals too much; I only have to pass them to get my grades up. But I--and all my friends--go through the same song-and-dance of a weeklong freak-out session until we finally hit the day of finals, when the apathy sets in strong. The only ones I should actually worry about are AP Calc and AP Bio.  Bio because my teacher enjoys testing us on material we haven't covered, and Calc because I think I lost the ability to do math somewhere down the line (and because our teacher told us the final would be harder than our hardest test, and our hardest test was...really hard). Ah well. Just have to breathe through it and it'll be over before I know it. And then:  copious amounts of holiday food!

2) Anti-homophobia, solidarity meme beneath the cut. It may have already made the rounds, but still posting it here. 

I Am )

I Am )



Nov. 18th, 2008 05:07 pm
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Way too much to get done this week! A few late nights will be necessary--although they wouldn't be if my AP English teacher weren't crazy, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. My AP Calc and Psych tests tomorrow, however, are what probably should be worrying me. Along with this AP Bio take-home-test monstrosity.

I can has senioritis now pleez?
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New Show tonight! I've reached the point this year--the year with the workload from hell--where any bit of Show is nice. I don't even care if it's a good episode; that hour where I can sit back and watch my show and ignore papers/tests/Calculus/college applications is a sweet one indeed. Also, is this a Castiel episode? Seems like this should be a Castiel episode. *sighs* He's dreamy.


Of course, before we get to new Show, I'd really like to get through the bulk of my independent research paper--Women in the Frontier West. That's really I what I should be doing right now, but:  crackimpala. So. You know.
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The thing is, I know I really shouldn't be surprised. It's not like I taped an Obama sign in my back window and thought no one would notice; I had mentally prepared myself for a little retaliation.

And my car being covered in dried, rotten egg is not, actually, the worst that could've happened, considering two of my classmates with Obama buttons on their purses were supposedly threatened during school.

But it does surprise me, for some reason. It's so... juvenile, for one. Someone actually egged my car, for god's sake. That's so... ridiculous; I didn't even know that still happened. And I hate the anonymity of it. I hate not knowing who is was. If it had happened at school, at least I'd have a better idea, but right in front of my house? It could be a student, could be a neighbor, could be some random asshole. But I do live on a side street, so whoever it was would've had to plan ahead of time and figure out where I live. Gah, that's a nice thought.

But. Not the hugest deal in the world, to be sure, and they could've used rocks. I feel bad for my poor old car, mostly. She's not in the best of shape anyway, and they chipped her fiberglass, poor dear.


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