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Oh my sweet baby Jesus Christ in a manger, that was fucking awesome. *flails*

Okay. *breathes* I'm okay. That was a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience, is all I'm saying.

I won't lie--I was a ST: TNG fan growing up and don't have much experience with ST: Original Recipe outside of knowing the characters. Which actually made the movie pretty fun, because I knew enough to have fun with everyone's first meetings (and to giggle like a madwoman at nods like "Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" Oh, Bones. *loves* And the poor random redshirt's death on the drill? *guilty laugh*) as well as being surprised at certain twists and turns. I know I didn't see Future!Spock coming until he was there fighting off that big scorpion monster... thing, just before he turned around, and my friend leaned over to say, "If that's the original Spock, I'm going to PEE myself." Word.

I mean, it's a summer blockbuster, to be sure--things go boom! and there aren't a ton of deep thinky questions to be pondered later--but the movie was just so much fun. And slashy as all hell, but it's Kirk and Spock, what do you expect? I haven't read many other's reviews of the movie--I wanted to go as spoiler-free as possible--but I personally really enjoyed Zachary Quinto's Spock. Leonard Nimoy, of course, pulls off Spock's intensity while still having that touch of humor, but I like Quinto's younger Spock, whose depth is poured so entirely into his logic and intellect as well as his emotions and who hasn't quite found that balance yet. Plus, I've got a deep kink for friendships like Spock and Kirk's, and I like the idea of them growing into the men they'll become in part because of each other. Slash or otherwise, it's a great relationship. (sequel now please kthx?)

And damn it all if the Enterprise showing up in that last battle sequence wasn't a "Hell. YEAH!" moment if there ever was one. That was SO FUCKING COOL. My friends and I will have bruises tomorrow from the number of times we punched each other to be like, "Dude. DUDE, did you just SEE THAT?" during those two hours, but it'll be worth it, because of the AWESOME.
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